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CDE Region 3 After School Extended Learning and Development

Technical Assistance: What We Offer

Region 3 After School Team

The Region 3 After School Team provides assistance and support to before school, after school, and summer programs, particularly those receiving public funds.  The Region 3 After School Team is responsible for:

  • Supporting grantees through communication, staff development, in-depth training and coaching to program staff, and technical assistance
  • Providing information on policy, program and grant compliance
  • Assisting new after school programs and summer programs with start-up
  • Helping existing programs with their continuous program improvement process
  • Acting as a link between funded programs within school districts, county offices of education, community-based organizations, and the California Department of Education
  • Developing and supporting special projects and events to support after school and summer programs
  • Ensuring that there is cohesion between the regular day and after school programs
  • Providing information and resources to Region 3 programs, organizations, and county offices of education
  • Conducting professional development events, including conferences and special trainings, to which after school programs in the region can participate
  • Maintaining the Region 3 After School Expanded Learning and Development website to provide Region 3 programs with helpful materials
  • Encouraging Region 3 programs and organizations to help determine regional after school and summer programs needs and issues
  • Providing high quality professional development modules on specific after school topics:
    • After School English/Language Arts Institute for after school program administrators, site coordinators and front line staff (4 modules that include coaching)
    • Common Core State Standards: Collaborative Conversations
    • Common Core State Standards: Text-Dependent Questions