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CDE Region 3 After School Extended Learning and Development
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Region 3 Meetings

Grant Managers Meetings
These meetings are specifically designed for the identified grant manager of an ASES, 21st CCL or ASSETs program and contracted after school program providers. The goal of these meetings is to provide updates from the California Department of Education, After School Division, share information from service providers in the after school arena, and address grant questions, issues and new topics of interest.

Advisory Committee
These meetings are designed to gain input from a selected group of after school providers, grant managers or Community Based Organizations in the region. Specially, this group supports coordinating and aligning of technical assistance delivered to grantees in the region; leveraging and sharing resources and strategies for promoting quality throughout the region. The goal is to build Region 3 program capacity to serve as resources to increase student achievement and act as a think tank.

County Office of Education Representative Meetings
These are held for the nine County Office of Education Leads for the after school programs in their respective counties. These meetings are lead by the Lead County, SCOE, to provide updated CDE information, share requirements for Region 3 funded programs, and discuss other pertinent issues.

Professional Development

Region 3 Technical Assistance Team provides a variety of professional development series as well as individualized consultations, coaching, sharing of resources, and site visits to assist the grantee in operating a high quality after school program.